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Liverpool dream crushed in Hungary.

Posted on 27/11 by R Van Mesman

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The run up to this match was a messy affair, with Liverpool finding themselves in a situation out of their control.

They needed to win to gain any chance at all of reaching the last 16 in the tournament, but over in Florence Fiorentina got the win they needed, and thus qualified. The early winner came from David Ngog, but the damage had been done, with their games against Lyon costing them a crippling four points in the championship.

The end result was that Liverpool needed Floretina to lose against Lyon.
This was not to be. At times during the match things looked hopeful, with Liverpool holding 70 per cent of the possession.

However, when news came through to the stadium that Fiorentina had succeeded, the mood was palpably low. The rest of the match was a slow affair, with Liverpool working hard just to keep their name on the wining line, knowing full well that their Madrid dream was over.

For those who fancy a bet, Betfair have named Barcelona current favourites to win the Champions League, with them placed at 4.90.

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