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Twenty20 Big Bash Cricket Betting

Twenty20 Big Bash Cricket Betting

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Cricket maybe isn’t the first sport that you’d associate with innovation, or with exciting new formats that create games that regularly thrill 20,000-strong crowds. If, when you think of cricket, you think of Michael Slater and Justin Langer grinding out hundreds against the English, then you haven’t been watching for the past few years – things have changed, and the cricket has turned into a real party!

In fairness, Australia has been the venue for innovation in cricket before – those of you who can remember Packer’s World Series will remember the controversy that it stirred up, and the lasting changes that it made to the game of cricket all around the world. Australians adapted pretty well to the new one-day format, and the national side went on to see success in the new format at the very highest level. We haven’t got there in the new 20-over format pioneered by the Indian Premier League yet, but with the Big Bash going from strength to strength, you’d think it’s only a matter of time before we see an Aussie side lift a t20 trophy.

What Is The Twenty20 Big Bash?

First and foremost, the Big Bash is proving to be a great night out for spectators – veteran cricket fans and newbies alike! It’s not the Boxing Day Test at the MCG by any means, but the evening games of the Big Bash have a great party atmosphere at stadia all around Australia that are packed with, on average, more than 18,000 fans. And the games have been scintillating watching over the first three years of the Big Bash, with lots of contests going down to the last over or two, and even down to the last delivery.

It has helped that the Big Bash has been supported by some famous veteran players, with Shane Warne involved right at the start, and Brett Lee still playing. There are big names in the commentary box, as well, and the voices of Adam Gilchrist, Ricky Ponting and others all adding to the fun of the Big Bash.

There are eight teams in the Big Bash in its current format, all of them based in cities now instead of organised by State as they were in the precursor competition. That means there are eight venues for big, well-attended games, and they seems to be going down a treat with fans everywhere – that 18,000 average attendance is kept modest by the small crowds in Hobart: there are regularly more than 20,000 fans at some of the other grounds, though it can feel like the Hurricanes fans are making just as much noise! We’ve laid out the teams for you below:

Perth Scorchers. Winners in 2014 after two previous years as runners-up, the Scorchers are Big Bash royalty already, but can they live up to those high standards?

Melbourne Stars. The Stars have been the model of consistency in the first three years of the Big Bash, bowing out at the semi-final stage every year. That just means, of course, that there will be some real hunger in the franchise to go further.

Sydney Sixers. The proud owners of the Big Bash’s worst name, we reckon, but a strong side, and a tough one to beat. The Sixers have the honour of being the first winners of the Big Bash.

Hobart Hurricanes. Perhaps a bit of a surprise package, the Hurricanes were very competitive in the 2013-14 season, losing out to the Scorchers in the final.

Brisbane Heat. The Big Bash’s most northern franchise has a trophy in the cabinet from 2013, but 5th-place finishes in other years mean they still have plenty to prove...

Melbourne Renegades. Melbourne’s ‘other’ side (though of course that depends who you ask...) have never made it past a semi final, but they have the players to win games, that’s for sure!

Adelaide Strikers. The Strikers have sometimes looked off the pace in the early years of the Big Bash, but the games are so close that it’s only small margins between success and potential.

Sydney Thunder. Whichever way you look at it, the Thunder are Syndey’s second Big Bash franchise, and they’ve finished at the foot of the ladder three times. The only way is up!

The Big Bash season runs for a pretty intense month or so of games over the summer, with the first Big Bash game of the 2014-15 season scheduled for December 18th, and the final booked in for January 28th. If you’re looking for a bet or two on the Big Bash, then, it’s best to be prepared before the season kicks off, because things can get pretty frantic with 35 games in that short space of time. It’s worth looking at the international cricket schedule, too, if you are interested in a bet on the Big Bash – some of the franchises will be hit by the loss of key players to international duty. Look out for the key match-ups in the course of the season – like the 2014 final rematch between the Scorchers and the Hurricanes, for instance – and of course the finals series. And, obviously, make sure you’re ready for the semi finals and the final!

Where’s Your Big Bash betting Money?

Every Big Bash is an incredible event to watch on the telly, and it’s even better if you can get down to the game – but the Big Bash is great for those of us looking to lay a bet or two, as well. That’s because, in common with any other cricket game, there are so many betting markets that you can bet on. From the bets you can place on literally every ball in a particular game to the futures and markets on offer for the league itself, there’s all sorts of action to enjoy when it comes to the Big Bash betting.

And there are some great online bookmakers to offer you all the bets you could ever need. Sites like Sportsbet, Luxbet, BetEasy, Sportingbet and Ladbrokes have really improved their service in recent years and you should head to your favourite of those first – any site that has a specific Australian presence will cater to all your Big Bash needs. Here are some bets to look out for:

Big Bash Futures / Outrights: which team will win in the head-to-head games? How about the league as a whole? Can you pick the semi-finalists early? These are all great bets on the Big Bash, and there are lots of options...

Cricket odds Markets:

with 35 Big Bash games scheduled so close together, you might want to have a look at some of the markets on offer at sites like Sportsbet and Ladbrokes. Will there be a hat-trick bowled in the Big Bash this year? What’s the most sixes that will be hit in a single over? Can any of the franchises go unbeaten? What State will the winner be from? Can any batsman break the 100 mark this year? There will be all of these bets and more on offer as the Big Bash season gets closer, so head over to those online bookies to check them out.

Where To Bet on Big Bash Cricket

As we’ve said, for Big Bash betting you’re best off with an online bookmaker who caters directly to the Australian market – those are the sites that will have the best odds for the Big Bash, and the most markets for you, too. Here are a few that we recommend:

Sportsbet – probably one of the very best betting sites in the world, Sportsbet gives you a comprehensive betting service for everything from Alpine Skiing to Volleyball. And that includes every Big Bash game.

Luxbet – backed by Tabcorp, Luxbet is great for early markets and fixed bets on the cricket, and the Big Bash is no exception.

Sportingbet – one of Australia’s biggest online bookmakers, and one that boasts great customer service. This is an easy site to like for Big Bash betting and lots more besides.

Ladbrokes – a new arrival in Australia looking to establish themselves in the opinions of punters: and that means some great specials and one-off offers, including on the Big Bash.

BetEasy – another new kid on the block with plenty to prove, BetEasy is Australia-owned and based, and will give you all the Big Bash betting markets you could ever need!

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