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Watching sport is a national hobby here in Australia, and we’re incredibly lucky with the standard of sport we have so close to home. In this day and age, of course, you’re not restricted to the NRL or the AFL for your viewing pleasure, and the likes of the NBA and the EPL have been gaining quickly in popularity with fans and punters alike. And whilst watching sport might be a national hobby, sports betting on it is pretty much a given: Australians as a country, it’s well documented, like a bet at least as much as people anywhere else on the planet.

We're we’re spoilt for choice in that department, too, with some extremely high-quality online betting sites ready to cater to our every betting need – there are futures and markets aplenty for all the sports you could care to mention waiting for you at our favourite online bookmakers: sites like Sportsbet, Ladbrokes, Luxbet, and others are your first choice for a bet on any of the major sports and lots of the others, too!

A Wide World Of Sports betting

There are lots of sports out there. It’s pretty common to find yourself torn between potentially great fixtures, especially when the AFL and the NRL are in full swing, and every weekend could turn up a thriller. Below is a look at some of the biggest sports that are featured on our favourite betting websites. For all of these sports, you can expect to see a broad range of betting options – often including live in-play betting – and you can expect to see odds published well in advance that shift as match day grows closer. We can guarantee that you’ll see enough odds, futures, markets and specials at the online betting sites we’ve recommended at the bottom of the page to keep you more than interested in these big sports, but we can’t guarantee that you’ll have time to watch them as much as you’d like!

NRL betting: after a 43-year wait, the South Sydney Rabbitohs are back on top of the NRL tree, and will be looking to hold on to their title in 2015. The 2014 season that eventually saw them win the NRL Grand Final in such convincing style, though, was filled with incredibly close games all through the year, and it saw one of the most tense conclusions to a regular season that we can remember. With more than a dozen teams still in with a chance of a finals spot as the last couple of weeks played out, every weekend was full of games that felt like finals. In the end it was the Rabbitohs who toughed it out – their incredible effort exemplified by Sam Burgess, who led them to victory through the pain of a broken cheekbone sustained in the first epic hit of the Grand Final. If there’s a story from the 2014 season that sums it up, it could just be that.

AFL betting: Australia’s game is looking as healthy as ever despite its fair share and more of controversy in 2014 – there were the usual tens of thousands of people packing the MCG for an AFL Grand Final that saw some long odds overturned, and a point proved yet again: it isn’t important to win the first game of an AFL season, but it is very important to win the last one. Hawthorn were worthy champions in 2014, and their fans have every right to think, after the injuries and other setbacks that they overcame over the course of the year, that this group of players could deliver again in 2015. They will face incredibly strong challenges from the Sydney Swans and the other usual suspects, as well, and those might well include Port Adelaide, who saw a great run in 2014 but couldn’t see it out. With a tight finish to the season and an incredible run by Richmond to keep everyone on their edge of their seats, we’re struggling to recall a more compelling season. The AFL really is alive and well!

Soccer betting: in a World Cup year it can be frustrating to be a Socceroos fan, but Australia’s boys are back at home and the A-League is well underway again – even as the national side looks ahead to the Asian Cup. In its tenth year, the A-League is maturing into a tight contest with plenty to enjoy, and there are some great betting odds on offer this season, too. Meanwhile there’s another English Premier League season underway over in the UK, and there are the usual futures for the season and markets for each and every EPL game waiting for you at your favourite online betting sites. The 2015 EPL title race looks like it might be wide open, with a handful of teams with eyes on the trophy, and there’s always the battle to avoid relegation from one of the most lucrative leagues in the world. We’ll be watching!

Horse Racing betting: September is the time of year that Australian Horse Racing fans start to get twitchy, and the build up to the biggest event in the Racing calendar begins in earnest. The Melbourne Spring Racing isn’t the only Horse Racing Festival in the calendar by any means, but it’s the only one that features The Race That Stops A Nation, and there won’t be many of you out there not considering a bet on the Melbourne Cup again this year. The Horse Racing will dominate the back pages whilst the Melbourne Spring rumbles on, but the very best online betting sites will bring you odds for races from all around the world all throughout the year, so when the Melbourne Cup comes around, you’ll be ready!

NBA betting: arguably the biggest sport out there, with the biggest players (literally) drawing the biggest wages – the NBA is big noise, and if you’re not watching the carnival that is Basketball from the U.S., then you’re missing out. The NBA is proving a favourite not just with viewers here in Australia, though: it’s an easy game to love betting on, and lots of us are doing just that. It’s a great sport for a bit of in-play betting, and many of the very best NBA online betting sites will give you the chance to see live, constantly-updated odds as the game unfolds. They’ll do it for all of the games in the long NBA season, and the service is available anywhere you’ve got an internet connection. With service like that and so much NBA to enjoy, it’s easy to see why so many Australians are learning to love Basketball.

Tennis betting: this is a fantastic time to be a Tennis fan, and it’s a pretty good time to bet on the Tennis, too. After years of domination by the ‘Big Four’ (that’s Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and Murray), it looks like there might be a crop of young, hungry players coming through the ranks of the ATP Tour, and 2015 could be the year they blow it wide open. The same could be true of the women’s side of the game, where we’re seeing fresh faces and new names appearing in the top ten and on the big trophies. Tennis is another great game for in-play betting (and one that’s very well served by the online betting sites you’ll see recommended below), and it’s well worth a look if you’re in the mood for a bet. With the players all so skilful and so fit, it’s all down to pressure, and that means that there can be huge swings of momentum in a Tennis match, making it compelling viewing and great stuff for betting on, too...

Greyhound Racing betting: very rarely does a week go by without some Greyhound Racing featuring on the online betting sites we recommend to you, and whilst the Dogs is probably at its best as a night out, it’s unlikely that you can get to all the meets you’d like to. Fortunately, all your betting need are met by our favourite Australian online bookmakers, who’ll bring you all the odds, markets and futures you need to make you happy. With the Dogs appearing on the telly more and more often, too, you might be able to catch the races, which makes both the bet and the race all the sweeter...

Harness Racing betting: like the Dogs, the Trotting is really a sporting event that you want to be enjoying in person, but there’s just so much Australian Harness Racing that you’d never get around it all. Luckily you don’t need to leave the comfort of your own home to place a bet on your favourite Pacers and Trotters – the Trotting online betting sites will bring you all the odds for every race at every meet, and lots more besides. Don’t take our word for it, of course, but make sure you visit the sites to see for yourself!

Cricket betting: after a worrying time in the doldrums that was maybe inevitable after a golden generation moved on, Australian Cricket is right back on track: the Ashes are ours again, and we sent the English home in absolute disarray, which always adds to the pleasure of a series win. An incredible series against the South Africans reminded us all that Test Cricket was a pretty thorough examination of technique and nerve, and skipper Michael Clarke in particular came through it well. We haven’t mastered the newest, shortest form of the game at the highest level yet, but the Big Bash is showing all the signs of taking off here in Australia, offering big crowds a great spectacle, and punters a great chance to get a bet on. Cricket’s a fantastic game to bet on, with some many markets and specials to take advantage of as well as all the futures you get with other games and more. Check out your online bookmaker of choice for a comprehensive range of Cricket betting options.

Where’s Your Betting Money?

So with so much sport coming your way, it’s hard to know where to start. If you’re like many Australians, you’ll be looking to make a bet or two to spice up a game you’d probably be watching anyway, and the online bookmakers below are perfect for that. They’re a very impressive service these days, too, and you might just find that there’s a lot more to enjoy at your online betting site of choice than a simple straight bet or two on your home team. Why not have a visit to one or two of these and see what you think?

Sportsbet – considered by many to be one of the very best betting sites in the world, Sportsbet offers a comprehensive betting service for everything from Alpine Skiing to Volleyball, including all the sports we’ve mentioned above and many more besides...

Luxbet – backed by Tabcorp here in Australia, Luxbet is great for early markets and fixed bets, and especially good for the Horse Racing, the Harness Racing and the Greyhound Racing, so if you’re looking for a bet on any of them, you owe it to yourself to give it a try.

Sportingbet – probably Australia’s biggest online bookmaker, and also one of the best around for customer service. Make the most of that excellent user experience to place a bet from the huge range on offer on a massive choice of sports.

Ladbrokes – this online betting site is a new arrival in Australia, and you’ll find them working hard to establish themselves in the opinions of punters: and that means some great specials and one-off offers for you to make the most of, on all the sports you love.

BetEasy – another new kid on the block with plenty to prove, BetEasy is Australia-owned and based, and will give you all the markets, futures, specials and more that you’ll find elsewhere. Well worth a visit!

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