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How to place a bet on LOL - League of Legends odds guide

Posted on 07/02 by Steve Yorke

How to place a bet on LOL - League of Legends odds guide
League of Legends (LOL), the worlds most popular eSport, now available to bet on in Australia

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Following its emergence in 2011, League of Legends (LoL) has become the most popular game in today’s eSports arena.

The user base, by month, is around 70 million people, guaranteeing its place as the most commercially successful game in the world in at the end of 2015. The game is based on a custom made map from Blizzard’s Warcraft 3 named Defence of the Ancients (DotA) and its popularity is probably down to the fact that it has a moderately flat learning curve when compared to some similar offerings such as Dota2 and Starcraft 2.

There are a variety of tournaments and leagues sponsored by many gaming related companies, as well as the actual creators of the game, Riot Games. Betting on League of Legends is a good place to start enjoying the excitement of eSports.

League of Legends – The Plot
LoL is an Online Battle Arena game for multiple players, an exhilarating challenge where you choose a character (referred to as champion) and you then play in a team with 4 other players. You play with friends, or bots, or random people and the final objective depends on the map that you choose (known as Field of Justice). The game has 4 main playing modes, as follows:-

• Summoner’s Rift
This represents the most popular type of gaming mode with each team consisting of 5 champions starting at Level 1 on a map with 3 lanes. The ultimate goal is to acquire gold and get experience to level up, at the same time taking team fights or finding solo kills. The winner is the team that destroys the other team’s base (Nexus).

• The Twisted Treeline
The map looks different in this mode as it only has 2 lanes and the teams consist of 3 people who can earn more gold/min. Located in the centre of the map is a huge jungle that contains altars you can catch. These provide you with an advantage and therefore this mode is a faster pace and has more action than Summoner’s Rift.

• Howling Abyss
The map in this mode is based on a community game called All Random All Mid and there is only one lane on the map with all 5 champions starting at level 3 and fighting for dominance. With no healing provided by the Summoner’s platform and the pressure of only being able to shop items in certain time periods, this is the most intensive mode with greatest amount of team fights.

• The Crystal Scar
This final map is part of a game mod called Dominion, here the 2 teams fight over control of 5 capture points which grant specific team buffs. The team that is successful in holding the majority of these points causes damage to the opponent’s Nexus.

If you have been asking yourself ‘how can I bet on League of Legends’; you will be pleased to discover that the majority of online betting eSports sites provide gaming opportunities along with some attractive betting bonuses. It all adds up to joining millions of people who are enjoying the thrill of betting with a range of Australian online bookmakers.

You can place bets on LOL and other eSports at the following betting sites:
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