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NFL Week 3 odds and betting 2013

Posted on 17/09 by HS Jackson Jnr

NFL Week 3 odds and betting 2013
Will the Patriots go 3 and 0 for the season at home against the Buccaneers?

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NFL Week 3 Odds and Betting - 2013 (Subject to fluctuation)

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Friday 20th September 2013

Kansa City Chiefs at Philadelphia Eagles head to head odds - Lincoln Financial Field
Team Odds
Chiefs $2.53 Bet Now
Eagles $1.55 Bet Now

Line: Chiefs +3.0 odds: $2.06. Eagles -3.0 odds: $1.80
Over 50.5 odds: $1.95. Under 50.5 odds: $1.89

Monday 23rd September 2013

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New England Patriots head to head odds - Gillette Stadium
Team Odds
Buccaneers $3.95 Bet Now
Patriots $1.27 Bet Now

Line: Buccaneers +7.5 odds: $1.95. Patriots -7.5 odds: $1.89
Over 44.0 odds: $1.88. Under 44.0 odds: $1.96

New York Giants at Carolina Panthers head to head odds - Bank of America Stadium
Team Odds
Giants $2.10 Bet Now
Panthers $1.77 Bet Now

Line: Giants +1.0 odds: $2.05. Panthers -1.0 odds: $1.81
Over 45.5 odds: $1.92. Under 45.5 odds: $1.92

Detriot Lions at Washington Redskins head to head odds - FedExField
Team Odds
Lions $2.07 Bet Now
Redskins $1.79 Bet Now

Line: Lions +1.0 odds: $2.02. Redskins -1.0 odds: $1.83
Over 49 odds: $1.90. Under 49 odds: $1.94

San Diego Chargers at Tennessee Titans head to head odds - LP Field
Team Odds
Chargers $2.41 Bet Now
Titans $1.60 Bet Now

Line: Chargers +3.00 odds: $1.96. Titans -3.00 odds: $1.88
Over 43.5 odds: $1.88. Under 43.5 odds: $1.96

Arizona Cardinals at New Orleans Saints head to head odds - Mercedes-Benz Superdome
Team Odds
Cardinals $4.05 Bet Now
Saints $1.26 Bet Now

Line: Cardinals +7.5 odds: $1.92. Saints -7.5 odds: $1.92
Over 48.5 odds: $1.92. Under 48.5 odds: $1.92

St Louis Rams at Dallas Cowboys head to head odds - Arrowhead Stadium
Team Odds
Rams $2.77 Bet Now
Cowboys $1.47 Bet Now

Line: Rams +4.0 odds: $1.92. Cowboys -4.0 odds: $1.92
Over 47.0 odds: $1.92. Under 47.0 odds: $1.92

Houston Texans at Baltimore Ravens head to head odds - M&T Bank Stadium
Team Odds
Texans $1.74 Bet Now
Ravens $2.14 Bet Now

Line: Texans -1.0 odds: $1.79. Ravens +1.0 odds: $2.07
Over 44.5 odds: $1.88. Under 44.5 odds: $1.96

Green Bay Packers at Cincinnati Bengals head to head odds - Paul Brown Stadium
Team Odds
Packers $TBC Bet Now
Bengals $TBC Bet Now

Line: Packers +TBC odds: $TBC. Bengals -TBC odds: $TBC
Over TBC odds: $TBC. Under TBC odds: $TBC

Atlanta Falcons at Miami Dolphins head to head odds - Sun Life Stadium
Team Odds
Falcons $2.02 Bet Now
Dolphins $1.83 Bet Now

Line: Falcons +1.0 odds: $1.97. Dolphins -1.0 odds: $1.87
Over 44.0 odds: $1.88. Under 44.0 odds: $1.96

Cleveland Browns at Minnesota Vikings head to head odds - Mall of America Field
Team Odds
Browns $TBC Bet Now
Vikings $TBC Bet Now

Line: Browns +TBC odds: $TBC. Vikings -TBC odds: $TBC
Over TBC odds: $TBC. Under TBC odds: $TBC

Indianapolis Colts at San Francisco 49ers head to head odds - M&T Bank Stadium
Team Odds
Colts $5.15 Bet Now
49ers $1.18 Bet Now

Line: Colts +10.0 odds: $1.95. 49ers -10.0 odds: $1.89
Over 46.0 odds: $1.90. Under 46.0 odds: $1.94

Buffalo Bills at New York Jets head to head odds - Met Life Stadium
Team Odds
Bills $2.18 Bet Now
Jets $1.72 Bet Now

Line: Bills +1.0 odds: $2.11. Jets -1.0 odds: $1.76
Over 39.0 odds: $1.96. Under 39.0 odds: $1.88

Jacksonville Jaguars at Seattle Seahawkshead to head odds - Centurylink Field
Team Odds
Jaguars $19.00 Bet Now
Seahawks $1.02 Bet Now

Line: Jaguars +19.5 odds: $1.92. Seahawks -19.5 odds: $1.92
Over 40.5 odds: $1.92. Under 40.5 odds: $1.92

Tuesday 24th September 2013

Chicago Bears at Pittsburg Steelers head to head odds - Heinz Field
Team Odds
Bears $TBC Bet Now
Steelers $TBC Bet Now

Line: Bears +TBC odds: $TBC. Steelers -TBC odds: $TBC
Over TBC odds: $TBC. Under TBC odds: $TBC

Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos head to head odds - Sports Authority Field at Mile High
Team Odds
Raiders $11.00 Bet Now
Broncos $1.06 Bet Now

Line: Raiders +14.5 odds: $1.88. Broncos -14.5 odds: $1.96
Over 49.0 odds: $1.94. Under 49.0 odds: $1.90

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