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English Premier League EPL Week 7 odds guide and betting tips

Posted on 01/10 by G Waldorf

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English Premier League Week 7 Odds and Betting - 2014 (Courtesy of and subject to fluctuation)

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EPL Week 6 Results:
Arsenal 1 Tottenham Hotspur 1
Chelsea 3 Aston Villa 0
Crystal Palace 2 Leicester City 0
Hull City 2 Manchester City 4
Liverpool 1 Everton 1
Manchester United 2 West Ham United 1
Southampton 2 Oueens Park Rangers 1
Sunderland 0 Swansea City 0
West Bromwich Albion 4 Burnley 0
Stoke City 1 Newcastle United 0

Full list of EPL Week 7 odds:

Sunday 05/10/2014
Hull City v Crystal Palce Win-Draw-Win odds
Team Odds
Hull City $2.00 Bet Now
Draw $3.40 Bet Now
Crystal Palce $3.75 Bet Now

Liverpool v West Bromwich Albion Win-Draw-Win odds
Team Odds
Liverpool $1.36 Bet Now
Draw $4.75 Bet Now
West Bromwich Albion $8.50 Bet Now

Leicester City v Burnley Win-Draw-Win odds
Team Odds
Leicester City $1.75 Bet Now
Draw $3.50 Bet Now
Burnley $5.00 Bet Now

Swansea City v Newcastle United Win-Draw-Win odds
Team Odds
Swansea City $1.80 Bet Now
Draw $3.50 Bet Now
Newcastle United $4.50 Bet Now

Sunderland v Stoke City Win-Draw-Win odds
Team Odds
Sunderland $2.40 Bet Now
Draw $3.20 Bet Now
Stoke City $3.00 Bet Now

Aston Villa v Manchester City Win-Draw-Win odds
Team Odds
Aston Villa $7.00 Bet Now
Draw $4.00 Bet Now
Manchester City $1.50 Bet Now

Manchester United v Everton Win-Draw-Win odds
Team Odds
Manchester United $1.73 Bet Now
Draw $3.75 Bet Now
Everton $4.75 Bet Now

Monday 06/10/2014
Tottenham Hotspur v Southampton Win-Draw-Win odds
Team Odds
Tottenham Hotspur $2.20 Bet Now
Draw $3.30 Bet Now
Southampton $3.30 Bet Now

Chelsea v Arsenal Win-Draw-Win odds
Team Odds
Chelsea $1.67 Bet Now
Draw $3.60 Bet Now
Arsenal $5.50 Bet Now

West Ham United v Queens Park Rangers Win-Draw-Win odds
Team Odds
West Ham United $1.91 Bet Now
Draw $3.50 Bet Now
Queens Park Rangers $4.00 Bet Now

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EPL odds 2014

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