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AFL - Grand Final - Specials

Round Name - Double

AFL Premiership / Norm Smith Medal Double - Winner

Event Date - 25/09/2010 2:00:03 PM
Each Way Places 0
Event SelectionOdds
Collingwood/Dane Swan5.25
Collingwood/Scott Pendlebury9.00
Collingwood/Alan Didak13.00
Collingwood/Dale Thomas23.00
Collingwood/Travis Cloke23.00
Collingwood/Luke Ball29.00
Collingwood/Heath Shaw29.00
Collingwood/Sharrod Wellingham29.00
Collingwood/Dayne Beams46.00
Collingwood/Harry O'Brien29.00
Collingwood/Leon Davis34.00
Collingwood/Leigh Brown36.00
Collingwood/Ben Johnson46.00
Collingwood/Darren Jolly41.00
Collingwood/Steele Sidebottom46.00
Collingwood/Chris Dawes56.00
Collingwood/Nick Maxwell46.00
Collingwood/Sean Dempster101.00
Collingwood/Brent Macaffer71.00
Collingwood/Jarryd Blair91.00
Collingwood/Ben Reid91.00
Collingwood/Alan Toovey126.00
Collingwood/Nathan Brown126.00
St. Kilda/Nick Riewoldt9.00
St. Kilda/Lenny Hayes9.00
St. Kilda/Leigh Montagna18.00
St. Kilda/Nick Dal Santo23.00
St. Kilda/Sam Gilbert28.00
St. Kilda/Jason Gram28.00
St. Kilda/Stephen Milne34.00
St. Kilda/Adam Schneider34.00
St. Kilda/Sam Fisher56.00
St. Kilda/James Gwilt71.00
St. Kilda/Clinton Jones91.00
St. Kilda/Justin Koschitzke67.00
St. Kilda/Farren Ray91.00
St. Kilda/Jason Blake91.00
St. Kilda/Michael Gardiner67.00
St. Kilda/Zac Dawson167.00
St. Kilda/Robert Eddy167.00
St. Kilda/Andrew Mcqualter226.00
St. Kilda/Brendon Goddard13.00
St. Kilda/Brett Peake71.00
Collingwood/Nick Riewoldt18.00
Collingwood/Lenny Hayes16.00
Collingwood/Leigh Montagna31.00
Collingwood/Nick Dal Santo46.00
Collingwood/Sam Gilbert51.00
Collingwood/Jason Gram51.00
Collingwood/Stephen Milne61.00
Collingwood/Adam Schneider61.00
Collingwood/Sam Fisher101.00
Collingwood/James Gwilt151.00
Collingwood/Clinton Jones151.00
Collingwood/Justin Koschitzke151.00
Collingwood/Farren Ray151.00
Collingwood/Jason Blake151.00
Collingwood/Michael Gardiner201.00
Collingwood/Zac Dawson301.00
Collingwood/Robert Eddy301.00
Collingwood/Andrew Mcqualter401.00
Collingwood/Brendon Goddard24.00
Collingwood/Brett Peake151.00
St. Kilda/Dane Swan11.00
St. Kilda/Scott Pendlebury16.00
St. Kilda/Alan Didak24.00
St. Kilda/Dale Thomas46.00
St. Kilda/Travis Cloke46.00
St. Kilda/Luke Ball51.00
St. Kilda/Heath Shaw51.00
St. Kilda/Sharrod Wellingham61.00
St. Kilda/Dayne Beams81.00
St. Kilda/Harry O'Brien51.00
St. Kilda/Leon Davis61.00
St. Kilda/Leigh Brown71.00
St. Kilda/Ben Johnson81.00
St. Kilda/Darren Jolly67.00
St. Kilda/Steele Sidebottom81.00
St. Kilda/Chris Dawes101.00
St. Kilda/Nick Maxwell101.00
St. Kilda/Sean Dempster56.00
St. Kilda/Brent Macaffer151.00
St. Kilda/Jarryd Blair151.00
St. Kilda/Ben Reid151.00
St. Kilda/Alan Toovey201.00
St. Kilda/Nathan Brown201.00
Draw/Any Player41.00
St Kilda/Steven Baker56.00
Collingwood/Steven Baker101.00
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