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AFL - Round 3 - One Match Multi Bet

Round Name - One Match Multi Bet

One Match Multi Bet - Collingwood v Carlton Package 1 - One Match Multi Bet

Event Date - 8/04/2011 7:20:51 PM
Each Way Places 0
Event SelectionOdds
Coll-Pendlebury-Coll Qtr Time Leader-Goal3.87
Coll-Pendlebury-Coll Qtr Time Leader-Behind4.04
Coll-Pendlebury-Carl Qtr Time Leader-Goal7.55
Coll-Pendlebury-Carl Qtr Time Leader-Behind7.76
Coll-Judd-Coll Qtr Time Leader-Goal14.50
Coll-Judd-Coll Qtr Time Leader-Behind14.80
Coll-Judd-Carl Qtr Time Leader-Goal27.06
Coll-Judd-Carl Qtr Time Leader-Behind27.79
Carl-Pendlebury-Coll Qtr Time Leader-Goal13.05
Carl-Pendlebury-Coll Qtr Time Leader-Behind13.41
Carl-Pendlebury-Carl Qtr Time Leader-Goal22.75
Carl-Pendlebury-Carl Qtr Time Leader-Behind23.34
Carl-Judd-Coll Qtr Time Leader-Goal46.78
Carl-Judd-Coll Qtr Time Leader-Behind48.04
Carl-Judd-Carl Qtr Time Leader-Goal77.90
Carl-Judd-Carl Qtr Time Leader-Behind82.24
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