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AFL Expert Betting Odds Guide

Posted on 14/09 by T J Dilfer

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AFL Expert Betting Odds Guide

Most Popular AFL Betting Markets

AFL match betting usually focuses on two key betting markets:

1) Head to Head betting (Also known as the money line)
2) Handicap betting (Also known as line betting)

Head to Head betting is AFL wagering in its most basic form, which team will win the match? In a sport where the draw bet is normally at least a $51.00 chance, the betting margins for the bookmakers are generally quite low compared to sports such as horse racing and golf where there are many runners for each event.

Let’s look at an example of a real game with real AFL odds, H2H and Handicap Line as well as some new opportunities, winning margin and total points.

Collingwood are odds of $1.72 to win the game vs Geelong. So if you stake a single dollar on the Magpies and they win, you’ll get a return of $1.72 including your stake.

Geelong are outsiders to win the game, but not by much at odds of $2.12.

Next we look at the Winning Margin odds where you can see Collingwood are odds of $2.25 to win by 1-39 points, and increased odds of $5.60 to win by 40 or more points. Winning Margin betting is especially popular amongst bettors wishing to back outcomes at much higher odds than you’ll find in H2H AFL betting.

The Handicap Line shows that Collingwood are ‘giving up’ a start of 5.5 points to Geelong. As handicap line betting effectively negates any advantage for either team (theoretically at least) then both teams’ odds should always be the same - $1.92 in this case.

If Geelong loses the game by 5 points and you’ve placed a bet on Geelong on the handicap line then you’ll win your bet as they’ve now won by a margin of 0.5 points. In betting terms, they have ‘covered the spread’ (Spread being an American term for the handicap line offered).

A favourite amongst professional AFL bettors is the total match points, in the Collingwood v Geelong game in focus you bet on either under or over 169.5 points being scored in the match. The odds for both outcomes are the same at $1.88.

Total points is generally an area where bookmakers are not too keen on taking bets as many external factors have a real influence, the main factor being the weather. As a consequence the bookies increase their margins on this type of AFL bet.

AFL Multi bets

AFL Multi betting is one of the most popular casual betting options for punters in Australia. Combine 2+ AFL teams each week and look to increase your profits by adding more legs to your accumulator bet.

As with all sports, the more teams you add to your multi the greater the reward, and the greater the chances of the bookies keeping your money.

When choosing your AFL Multis have a look for the money back specials now commonplace, such as at Sportsbet where if one leg loses in a 5 leg+ multi your stake is returned as cash. William Hill and TAB offer similar concessions.

Over 200 Different AFL Markets to Bet On

With the expansion of online and mobile AFL betting in Australia, punters now have more choice of bookmakers and a huge array of AFL bets to choose from.

Bookmakers such as Sportsbet, Ladbrokes, William Hill and Palmerbet are really working hard on their AFL betting product range and punters can now bet on most areas of the game, from which player will have the most disposals to who will kick the first goal of the game.

As with all betting markets though, punters should remember, the more obscure the betting market – the higher the bookies’ margin.

For AFL bettors looking to maximise AFL betting profits it’s important to open new accounts with all Australian online bookmakers. Not only will you profit from the bonus bets and new account offers, you can also shop around and compare AFL odds for every game and every AFL market.

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