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AFL Pro-Tipping. Odds based AFL tipping - coming soon to Free to enter. Test your skills.

Posted on 06/04 by T J Dilfer

AFL Pro-Tipping. Odds based AFL tipping - Free to enter. Test your skills. Join now

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What is AFL Tipping?

Commonplace through Australia are AFL weekly tipping competitions in the form of tournaments set up at work, between friends or in pubs and clubs. The format is simple – correctly predict the winner of each game in that week’s round of matches and get 1 point for each correct tip (prediction). Points are then aggregated and prizes are given out weekly or monthly, with the end of season tipping champion claiming the main prize based on every point accumulated during the home and away season.

AFL Celebrity tipping competitions are popular on websites and in newspapers.

What is wrong with normal AFL Tipping competitions?

In simple terms, standard AFL tipping favours the person picking all the betting favourites in the matches and effectively penalises entrants who show innovation or are prepared to stick their neck out and pick outsiders.

For example: Sydney Swans vs GWS Giants. The Swans are $1.01 red hot favourites, the Giants are $21.00 huge outsiders. If you tip the Swans and they win you get 1 point. Yet if you tip the Giants and they win, you still only get 1 point. Doesn’t really reward brave tipsters with strong opinions does it??
The consequence is everyone just picks the favourites which somewhat defeats the object.

What is AFL Tipping Hero?

AFL Tipping Hero is our new free to enter tournament which rewards the tipsters based on how good their tips really are. We call it odds based AFL Tipping.

For each game in every home and away round we will publish the betting odds for each match. Entrants will then place a mythical $1 stake on each game. We then add up the total (mythical) winning returns for each tipster for each round – and the best tipsters get regular prizes, with the end of season winner taking the biggie.

Let’s look at how this works based on the AFL Round 23 games in 2013 – here were the odds for each game with the match winner highlighted in bold:

$2.50 Sydney v Hawthorn $1.53
$3.50 St Kilda v Fremantle $1.28
$1.06 Geelong v Brisbane $9.00
$1.72 Port Adelaide v Carlton $2.10
$3.20 Essendon v Richmond $1.35
$1.96 West Coast v Adelaide $1.82
$1.11 Gold Coast v GWS Giants $6.50
$1.53 Collingwood v North Melbourne $2.50
$1.15 Western Bulldogs v Melbourne $5.50

How the points were awarded

If you tipped all 9 winners in a normal footy tipping competition for the above games you’d obviously get 9 points.
If you tipped all 9 winners in our AFL Tipping Hero competition you’d get a return of $16.12 with your mythical dollar stake on each selection.

In the scenario above, the shrewd tipsters who picked St Kilda to beat Fremantle would have received just 1 point in the standard competition, but a profit of $2.50 (effectively 2.5 points) in AFL Tipping Hero .

Our AFL Tipping Hero competition is new for 2015 and is free to enter. Join now

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