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Fremantle get players they need

Posted on 02/12 by T J Dilfer

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They got the midfielder they wanted, but they had made it clear that
they wanted Anthony Morabito for some time. They also managed to
secure two other young players, namely Nathan Fyfe
and Joel Houghton.

The national recruiting manager for Fremantle, Brad Lloyd, said that
these two players were talents that the team knew they wanted.
Talking to, he said: “They were two that we planned to get into
the club, so it worked out well.

“We definitely had Fyfe marked for Pick 20, and with Joel we were always
going to draft him, it was just a matter of working out which pick we
needed to use to get him to the club."

Fyfe played for the Claremont’s Colts team this year, and the
half-forward has turned out for WA in the under-18 championships.

Lloyd said the club was ‘really comfortable’ with the way things had
turned out.

When it comes to AFL betting, Fremantle are looking at 26.00 to make the
2010 Grand Final, according to

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