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Handicap Line odds for Hawthorn v Sydney Swans, AFL Grand Final 2012

Posted on 26/09 by T J Dilfer

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Handicap Line odds for Hawthorn v Sydney Swans, AFL Grand Final 2012 (Subject to fluctuation)

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What is AFL Grand Final Handicap Line betting?
In Handicap line betting you can always back the underdog and take a points start prior to the game commencing. At the end of the game you simply add the points start to the underdog's score - or take away the points start from the favourite's score. In this case - Hawthorn are favourites, and Sydney are underdogs.

Sydney Swans can backed with a handicap line start of plus 11.5 points at odds of $1.91. That means that if Sydney get beat by 14 points or less (or win the game outright), you win your bet as you then add the 11.5 points start on to Sydney's actual score.

If you think Hawthorn will win by more than 11.5 points then you should back them with the handicap line as you get the improved odds of $1.91 rather than the shorter odds of $1.53 to win the game outright.

Hawthorn v Sydney Handicap Line odds

Team Odds
Hawthorn (-11.5 points) $1.92 Bet Now
Sydney (+11.5 points) $1.92 Bet Now

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