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A betting guide to Horse Racing odds, promotions and placing bets at

Posted on 21/08 by T J Dilfer

A betting guide to Horse Racing odds, promotions and placing bets at
Horse racing at Top Tote Plus gives you the best of the three Totes and the Starting Price (SP)

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Australia loves horse racing. This is the nation of the Melbourne Cup, after all – but the ‘race that stops a nation’ is just one of the glittering highlights in the Australian horseracing calendar. Only Aussie Rules and Rugby League draw more fans over a season than Horse Racing, and it’s easy to see why: with races like the Victoria Derby, the Golden Slipper Stakes, the Crown Oaks and the Cox Plate alongside the biggest of them all – the Melbourne Cup

There’s plenty to look forward to throughout the year. And there are more racecourses in Australia than any other country in the world, so chances are you can get yourself down to the races and have a cracking day out – it’s always a pleasure to be one of the hundred thousand people turning out to watch the Melbourne Cup! But it’s not as though you need to be at the really high-profile events to watch a race: only in the States are there more horses starting races over the course of the year – our racecourses are busy places!

Australians also love a bet. It’s a truism that we’ll bet on anything, but the studies show that about 4 in 5 of us like to place a bet on at least a semi-regular basis. That could be at the local bookies, or at one of Australia’s world-beating casino resorts: the pokies and the casino games are perennial favourites, of course, but there’s plenty of sporting events, too, to spice up with a wager (the State of Origin is a great example...).

For us, though, it’s all about the Horse Racing, and we’re by no means alone. In 2010, there was nearly AU$15billion wagered on the horses in Australia, meaning we’re behind only the US and Japan in our passion for a bet on the horses...

But what’s the best way to place your bets these days? It used to be that you’d head to the races with cash in your pocket, and make your bets on the day. Now, we still love to get down to the track when we can, but times have moved on, and there are better ways to make sure you’re making the canniest bets, and easier ways to make them.

Like If you haven’t already checked this site out, and you love a bet on the Horse Racing even nearly as much as we do, then you’re well overdue. It’s a truly first-rate destination for all sorts of betting, but the Horse Racing section stands out for us in particular. Easy to use, easy to get to know, and very easy to love, Sportsbet-au is a site that we’d recommend to you without any hesitation at all.

What is

It’s fairly likely that you will have heard of Sportbet or seen it advertised – for the last few years, it has been a bookmaker that has gone from strength to strength, and has become the biggest corporate bookmaker in Australia. Based in Darwin, Sportsbet employs 250 people to bring you an excellent website full of great bets, and they have been busy forging a reputation for competitive odds and for the sorts of payouts that are guaranteed to make customers happy.

If you can cast your minds back that far, you’ll remember that they paid out on bets for Roger Federer to win Wimbledon before the first ball was struck of the 2009 championship, and that’s by no means the only time that Sportsbet has made good on ‘sure things’: they paid out on England winning the 2010-11 Ashes series on the first day of the first Test, and they were so certain that So You Think would romp home in the 2010 Cox Plate that they parted with a quarter of a million dollars a full five days before the race!

Early Payouts are just one of the fundamental principles of the Sportsbet approach – their own philosophy of betting, and one that has made them a huge success, and a massive player in the Australian betting scene. Here are some of the principles:

Offer the best prices on Australian Horse Races:
You’ll always find the best prices at Sportsbet-au, because the price you’ll get is the best of the three Australian TABs, or the starting price, whichever is better, with their groundbreaking Top Tote Plus product.. So you can bet in confidence at Sportbet, knowing that there are no better odds out there...

Always add to the fun and excitement of placing a bet:
This is one we couldn’t agree with more! A bet always makes a race or a match that bit more compelling, but it’s even better when you know that there are plenty of daily offers, bonuses and special deals to be had at Sportsbet. Get your money back on selected losing bets, get great odds on a unique bet, or make the most of special markets for one day only. Making your betting more interesting, one day at a time!

Do the right thing by punters robbed by the result:
You sometimes wonder if a steward is watching the same race as everyone else. And those bad decisions – the real howlers – can be all that much more frustrating when you’ve got money riding on the result. But Sportsbet have a good track record of refunding lost bets when there’s an obvious injustice, so you can relax, watch the race, and take the rough with the smooth safe in the knowledge that a bad decision won’t ruin your bet.

Give punters their cash early, even if we turn out to be wrong:
We mentioned a couple of instances above, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg – Sportbet have a great reputation for paying out early on the bets they see as certain. And, even better, they take it in their stride when they turn out to be wrong, as they did in 2010 after paying out more than AU$100,000 on bets that Richmond would pick up the wooden spoon, only to see the Tigers rally and drag themselves off the bottom of the ladder...

But Sportsbet aren’t just a bookmaker that’s big enough to pay out on your good bets – they’ve got a glossy web-based face to present to the world, and it’s that site that makes betting with Sportbet a real pleasure, and very easy to do.

The Sportsbet-au website reviewed

The website is one of Sportsbet’s major selling points, in our opinion, and we can’t recommend enough that you get yourselves over there and give it a try. Well laid out, easy to use, and packed to bursting with great bets on all sorts of sports and more, it’s a betting home-from-home, and here’s a few reasons why:

There’s a whole host of bets on offer at Sportsbet-au, and we love the wide range available. Just a glance at the site will give you an idea just how many options you’ve got, with a list running all the way down the left hand side of the page that’s full of handy quick links to upcoming events and daily specials, and also offers everything from Alpine Skiing to Volleyball, with room for favourites like Aussie Rules, Golf, Rugby, Motor Racing – and Horse Racing, of course – via fun novelty bets and bets on music, politics, Hollywood and much, much more.

And each of the links opens up into a full page of options, bets and markets for your chosen sport: the Horse Racing sub-heading opens up into a huge, easy-to-navigate dedicated section of the site. You’ll find odds for all the day’s races, plus a breakdown of the week coming, and links to the big upcoming races. Your choices are available live in real time, and there are races from all around the world featured. No site (or bookmaker, for that matter), offers you a better choice of Horse Racing bets.

The best thing about the new era of online gambling is the convenience, and Sportsbet gives you that in spades. We’ve mentioned that the site is easy to use, and that’s a big part of the appeal here, too – it’s a simple thing to place a specific bet that you have in mind. But you’ll find that Sportsbet is easy to take with you, too, with a mobile version of the site letting you make any bet you want, wherever you happen to be, and whatever time it is. Compatible with your smartphone – whether iphone or android – and giving you all of the great features of the website, Sportsbet-au mobile literally puts a bookmaker in your pocket!

Not that we want to labour the point, but the Sportsbet-au website is a high-quality online bookmaker, and a great option for making all your bets. But the quality of the bets on offer shouldn’t be underestimated. Sportsbet work hard to bring you the best bets, the best markets, and the best odds available. Bookmaking is a competitive business, and Sportsbet isn’t the biggest corporate bookmaker in Australia for no reason – you’ll find that it’s a high-quality site that gives you thousands of great odds to choose from...

The Place To Be Betting

So there you go – our reasons why Sportsbet-au is a great place to be if you’re interested in betting on a horse or two. It’s an especially good bookmaker for Horse Racing, for all the reasons we touched on above, and for plenty more besides. A visit to the site itself is the best way to familiarise yourself with everything they have on offer, of course, (here’s a link:, but we hope we’ve given you enough of an idea to tempt you. You won’t be disappointed.

And while you’re there, look out for an amazing range of daily specials, and take a moment to look at the odds on races in Australia: they’re the best you’ll find, and you’ll even be able to take advantage of Jackpots from out-of-state TABs, making Sportsbet an easy choice for Horse Racing lovers here in Australia!

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