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Top 10 ways to win money at Horse Racing (even if you are an absolute beginner)

Posted on 01/08 by Pom de Turf

Top 10 ways to win money at Horse Racing (even if you are an absolute beginner)
Increase your horse racing profits today. The Top 10 tips to win money betting on horse racing

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10 Top Ways to make money at Horse Racing (even if you are an absolute beginner)

1. Take some time to shop around with all the online bookmakers before you place your bet. Choosing the best odds can make a huge difference – there are many Odds Aggregator websites around which make this a relatively easy task. Remember that to make a profit from horse or sports betting you need to take the best odds every time you place a bet.

2. Get into the habit of recording your bets, set up a spreadsheet and record every bet, not just the winners. Make comments and notes so that you can refer back to your own view of a particular race, horse and jockey alongside those of the expert analysts. In this way you will learn from your mistakes.

3. Try setting your own odds for every race. This is an essential tip for anyone who wants to make money through betting on horse racing. Review your spreadsheet and ‘price up’ each horse, when you look at the actual prices available there may be such a variance in Odds that you can spot a true ‘value’ bet – learn to trust your judgement. This will also help you to be disciplined and stop placing too many bets.

4. Avoid trying to get rich quick. The most successful online horse racing gamblers will bet win only or each way. Try to avoid betting odds-on as the hit rate is very high making it difficult to find a price advantage. Placing horse bets in multiples decreases your chances of winning. This is the reason why the TAB and bookmakers promote multiple bets with such gusto.

5. Choose your bets carefully. Don’t bet with the TAB - TAB odds are out of your control and a betting guide is not a good enough barometer of whether or not to place the bet. Avoid ‘exotic’ bets such as trifectas and quinellas. These bets are fine for fun punters, but if you are serious about making long term profits then stick to single win or each way bets.

6. Consider the Racecourse and the Runners. Certain parts of racecourses seem to have faster strips of turf on the flat and a high or low draw can be extremely advantageous. Make an effort to understand and log running styles and what suits each horse best eg:- competing front runners can take each other out too soon in the race.

7. Do not follow "tips" or "inside information" from untrusted sources. This is the quick way to the poor house. Use your own judgement, aligned with a trusted network of information if possible and the record of valuable notes and information that you build up.

8. Try to adhere to a long term staking plan. The best policy is start with a betting bank of 100 "points". (a point being equivalent to 1 unit of your average stake. If your average stake is $10, then a 5 point bet is equal to $50). With a 100 point betting bank you should not really be staking more than 5 points in any single bet. This will protect against inevitable losing streaks.

9. Always work out the "overround" before placing your bets. Most online aggregator sites will do this for you now. If you are betting on horse markets where the overround is more than 1% per runner, then you won't be betting for long.....

10. Ensure that you take advantage of the competitive marketplace in Australian betting. Bet online, the odds are better. And exploit the bookies free bets. If you are just starting out, it makes sense to bet with the bookies money first - and then your own. Get organised and stay focused, remember that the more you put in the more you will get out.

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