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Breeders Crown 2yo Final C&G odds

Round Name - Win and Eachway

Breeders Crown 2yo Final C&G - Fixed Odds

Venue - Melton
Event Date - 13/08/2010 5:30:09 PM
Each Way Places 0
Event SelectionOdds
King Grin101.00
Blackjack Bromac Nz26.00
Quastor Centurion81.00
High Five Mozza101.00
Devilish Smile8.00
Royal Verdict3.20
Bastille Crest101.00
General Bronski21.00
Excel Stride9.00
Tulhurst Major34.00
Caesars Folly Nz15.00
Our Major Mark Nz2.10
Veracity Red (em 1)26.00
Indi Bapu101.00
Go West U Terror Nz21.00
Dee Devito101.00
Sushi Sushi10.00
Sword And Pistol26.00
Brick Top101.00
Cullen Bromac Nz101.00
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