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Kubrick and Arthur C Clarke….??

December 9th, 2009 by admin

In horse racing, it’s always difficult to look ahead and find the names of race runners that might come in with a big pay off some way down the line.

However, I’m going to stick my neck out and just help you to spot a few (no more) of the names that may well bring you a dollar or two in the year that will be called 2010.

Perhaps fitting for a year that still has overtones of Kubrick and Arthur C Clarke, Spacecraft is a horse that has something to prove.

He’s got a tremendous head-down style when he races, which means he’s full of energy that may well yet turn into winning form.

Anyone who needs a good punt will do well to look out for this horse, and trainer Danny O’Brien is doing a great job at keeping him hungry.

Then there is Zauberin.

She’s a good strong mare, and can handle the longer distances.

See her name on a lengthy run and she is most definitely good for a few.

She won at Moonee back in October and that was a fair jog that she managed at a good gallop.

Still with a lot to prove, she’s well worth watching if you ever see any longer races with her name in the pick.

And then there is Marconi.

A horse you may never have heard of, but definitely one to consider in the New Year.

As fast as you like and consistent to boot, Marconi is the son of Lago Delight (who you may have heard of).

He is a real stormer when coming out of the gates, and definitely one to watch.

So there we are with three horses that may well bring home the proverbial next year.

Just some names to watch out for when you look at the line-ups

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