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Baseball betting tips – MLB matches Friday 12/08/2016

August 11th, 2016 by Liam S

Arizona vs New York Mets

-The Mets pitcher is having a great season so far racking up 9 wins and coming up against a pitcher who only has 1
-Arizona away from home are one of the worst teams in baseball not having a good record and the Mets are the opposite having a terrific record while at home
-Last couple times the Mets have faced against Arizona the Mets have come away with the wins as they are a much more talented team

New York Mets Win

Houston vs Minnesota

-Houston’s pitcher is having a breakout year with 10 wins and really pitching well for a team that is fighting for the playoffs against a pitcher who only has 2 wins on the year
-Minnesota are the worst team in all of baseball and they are giving inexperienced players a go because there season is already over
-Houston have been playing great baseball in the last couple weeks making a very strong push for the finals

Houston Win

Baltimore vs Oakland

-Baltimore are one of the best teams this season in there division and bulking up their lineup to get it stronger for the playoffs push
-Baltimore’s pitcher has 10 wins on the season winning many of his last starts against a pitcher who is searching for his first win on the season
-Baltimore’s offense is one of the most powerful in baseball and this pitcher being so inexperienced should give up a fair share of runs against such a powerful lineup

Baltimore Win

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