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Baseball betting tips – MLB matches Friday 26/08/2016

August 25th, 2016 by Liam S

Baltimore vs Washington
-Washington’s pitcher Max Scherzer one of the top pitchers in the game right now has earned 13 wins and has really been brilliant all year
-Baltimore’s pitcher Ubaldo jimenez only has got 5 wins this season and hasn’t been in his usual form all year
-Washington are also ranked second in MLB power rankings and can over power any time throughout the whole game
Washington Win

Los Angeles Angels vs Toronto
-Toronto’s pitcher has a whopping 17 wins this year and has been so powerful in his breakout season with Toronto
-The Angles pitcher Weaver has 11 losses and has been in the middle of a slump in his last few outings trying to get out of bad form
-Toronto are tied for first in their league and pushing for wins while the Angles season is close to done and don’t have as much to play for
Toronto Win

Pittsburgh vs Milwaukee
-Pittsburgh’s pitcher has only got 1 loss this season and has been very impressive in his rookie season
-While on the other side Milwaukee’s pitcher has 9 losses and has never gotten on a streak of decent starts
-Milwaukee and without doubt one of the worst teams this season with not nearly as much talent as Pittsburgh have
Pittsburgh Win

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