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England will – possibly – host the World Cup, but can’t win it next year

November 28th, 2009 by admin

Englan’s national side have grand hopes of lifting the World Cup next
year- but officials are busy battling to secure the country the hosting
of the tournament in 2018. Of late they have even had to rely on foreign

Arsene Wenger, who is French, has revealed that he would be happy to be
an ambassador for the English bid to be the country to host the World
Cup, and he thinks it is unfair that Germany has hosted it twice.

At his Friday press conference, Wenger told the press corps: “I am a big
supporter of the England bid for the World Cup in 2018. If I can help
them, I would be very happy.”

This is all well and good, but Wenger then went on to talk about how
England gave the game of football to the world, and it is for this
reason that the country should be allowed to hold the World Cup. He even
said that it is not ‘normal’ for a country that gave this sport to be
denied hosting the Cup.

However, I think he is forgetting one thing. England may have given the
sport to the world, but, and if you will forgive my expression here, the
rest of the world have picked up the ball and ran with it.

England has had some decent shots at glory in the last ten years, but
every time they have somehow managed to fudge it. And while the country
– as Arsene Wenger quite rightly pointed out – may have ‘the
infrastructure, the stadiums, the passion’ to manage a world class
tournament, it still won’t win it.

As such on the field the side are also deceptive – their odds of 8.40
third favourites for next year’s tournament are odd, given that the
Netherlands qualified in similarly impressive style but are out at 17.00.

In my opinion, England are yet to prove that they are part of the world
stage and can justify hosting it. Causing such a fuss over whether or
not they can host it is rather like crying because the bigger, stronger
boys aren’t coming round to your house to play.

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