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MMA: UFC 170, 23rd February, Pyle v Waldburger Odds and Betting

Posted on 21/02 by R Van Mesman

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Odds and Betting tips: UFC 170 23rd February, Pyle v Waldburger Fight
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It remains to be seen which of them recovers better from their recent defeats, because Mike Pyle and TJ Waldburger are well-matched otherwise. There’s much more on show, too, at UF 170: check out our previews and Rousey vs McMann odds, Cormier vs Cummins odds, MacDonald vs Maia odds, and make sure you take a look the betting markets on Sportsbet, too...

UFC-MMA Sunday 23rd February 2014: The odds and our tips

Pyle v Waldburger head to head odds
Fighter Odds
Pyle $1.47 Bet Now
Waldburger $2.57 Bet Now

We said the same in our preview of MacDonald vs Maia, but it bears repeating: when both the guys in a fight are on the back of losses, it makes for a great spectacle, as they both come out with a point to prove, and looking for a performance that’s above their last effort. So we’re excited about the bout between Mike Pyle and TJ Walburger that’s near the top of the card for UFC 170 on February 23rd. Especially when you consider that both these guys lost by first-round stoppages in their last outings, and how well matched they are. Both will want to make up for those defeats by coming out and scoring their own KO victories, and in good quick time, but when you consider them, these two fighters have all the makings of a close contest between them, and a great one to watch, too!

Pyle is the favourite going into the fight, at $1.47, and he deserves that respect from the bookies, but this one could be decided by the way both guys approach this bout in the context of those knockouts they each suffered in their last defeats. Pyle will be eager to prove that he’s a guy who inflicts knockouts rather than suffers them, and he will have to guard against over-confidence, as Waldburger has some well-honed takedown skills. Waldburger, on the other hand, can be reasonably expected to be a little cautious after his last knockout, and because he’s coming back quite early from a serious head injury. While it could be a fight that goes either way, this one is more likely to be heading in Pyle’s favour at $1.47 than in Waldburger’s at $2.57...

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