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MMA: UFC 27th October, Parke v Tuck Odds and Betting

Posted on 26/10 by R Van Mesman

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Odds and Betting tips: UFC 27th October, Parke v Tuck Fight
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A great UFC card for October 27th features two up-and-coing submission specialists, Norman Parke and John Tuck: check out our previews of Manua v Jimmo and Guillard v Pearson, plus Machida v Munoz, tooÖ

UFC-MMA Sunday 27th October 2013: The odds and our tips

Parke v Tuck head to head odds
Fighter Odds
Parke $1.52 Bet Now
Tuck $2.53 Bet Now

October 27th, when the UFC heads to Manchester, gives you a good idea of why we love a UFC Fight Night. The card for the night features two top-drawer fighters, Machida and Munoz who regularly train together but will be putting that aside for their bout. It features, too, a couple of the most exciting strikers to hit the UFC in a while in Manuwa and Jimmo, who will clash in what should be an explosive fight. But it features, too, a war for the wrestling purists, and a compelling battle shaping up between Norman Parke and John Tuck.

These are two great young talents, and just starting to make their way seriously in the UFC. Both are working on making reputations as submissions specialists, so this fight could easily become a back-and-forth grappling war. That would likely suit Parke with the perception that his submissions repertoire is the more varied, and that he has the more options when a fight goes to the mat, likely why the bookies have him as favourite. $2.53 seems long odds for Tuck, though, as he probably has the more rounded game overall. It doesnít necessarily pay in the UFC to be a specialist, and whilst Parke has other options than to look for a submission, he hasnít had to use them much in his UFC fights so far. Tuck has a couple of KOs to his name, and it could be that if he is able to neutralise Parkeís takedowns, and the fight stays up and turns into a cagey affair, the judges will see more in Tuckís striking, and a points decision will go his way.

Either way Ė just like in the Manuwa v Jimmo bout Ė itís a shame that one of these two talents will have their momentum wrecked on the 27th. Itís a stiff test for both, but thatís what makes the UFC so watchable. Look out for the markets on this one if you donít fancy Tuck at $2.53 or Parke at $1.52. We like the look of a $3.60 bet for it to be a submission that ends it either way, and also $1.50 for it to last at least three rounds. If you think itíll be a stalemate, and the judges will be needed to decide it, are you betting on Parke at $2.20 on points, or Tuck in the same manner at $3.76?

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