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MMA: UFC 5th September, Fight Night Highlights, Odds and Betting

Posted on 04/09 by R Van Mesman

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Odds and Betting tips: UFC 5th September, Fight Night Highlights
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In addition to our in depth review of UFC Teixeira v Bader Odds we review the rest of the fights in summary here.

UFC-MMA Thursday 5th September 2013: The odds and our tips

Yushin Okami v Ronaldo Souza head to head odds
Fighter Odds
Okami $3.18 Bet Now
Souza $1.33 Bet Now

You wouldnít usually pick Yushin Okami as your most exciting fighter, but he presents a real challenge to Brazilian Ronaldo Souza on September 5th. Okami is a fighter who has a wide skill-set, and he has used those skills in the past to smother opponents, neutralising their strengths and out-lasting them. A great example is this: Souza is widely regarded as the best grappler in the division (if not beyond it, too), but Okami has yet to be submitted in more than 30 professional fights. Whichever way youíre betting, this could be a difficult one to call, but a compelling one to watch...

Jussier Da Silva v Joseph Benavidez head to head odds
Fighter Odds
Da Silva $4.65 Bet Now
Benavidez $1.17 Bet Now

Benavidez is the strong favourite to win this one, and in the build-up heís been sounding pleased to be taking on Da Silva: ĎI just think itís an excellent match-up. Iíve had great fights against Jiu-Jitsu black belts in the past, some of my best fights.í Itís an attitude that will serve him well, as Da Silva is a high-quality grappler, and if Benavidez is going to win this one heís going to have to do good work on the mat. Heís the $1.17 favourite because he has proved in the past that heís more than capable of getting that good work done, though, so we likely wonít be betting against him.

Rafael Natal v Tor Troeng head to head odds
Fighter Odds
Natal $1.31 Bet Now
Troeng $3.26 Bet Now

These two are a better match than the odds are showing, with Troeng looking a little long, maybe, at $3.26. Natal will have home-field advantage, with a vocal Brazilian crowd right behind him, but these two look to be a fairly even contest. Both are solid fighters in terms of their technique, and whilst Natal has a bit more experience in the UFC, Troeng has squared off against bigger names over the course of his UFC career, and been competitive without really enjoying too much success. This is a highlight for us because we think itíll be closer than the odds are showing, and so Troeng at $3.26 doesnít look like too bad a bet...

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