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MMA: UFC 165 22nd September, The Rest of the Card Odds and Betting

Posted on 18/09 by R Van Mesman

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Odds and Betting tips: UFC 165 22nd September, The Rest of the Card
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For more detail on the headline fights for UFC 165 and our highlights, follow these links: Jones vs Gustafsson, Barao vs Wineland, Schaub vs Mitrione.

UFC-MMA Sunday 22nd September 2013: The odds and our tips

Philippou v Carmont head to head odds
Fighter Odds
Philippou $1.50 Bet Now
Carmont $2.46 Bet Now

UFC 165 on September 22nd looks like an excellent nightís entertainment, and you could be forgiven for overlooking the two match-ups that make up the rest of the main card Ė we recommend you tune in, though, as they could be a couple of excellent fights!

First up, Costa Philippou and Francis Carmont go toe-to-toe in a fight that could very well see the winner catapulted into title contention, especially if itís a decisive victory. Philippou is coming off a five-win winning streak, but that wonít impress Carmont, who has won his last ten! Either way, the winner here is putting together a good run, and will be looking for a big next fight. They should be a good match, too: Philippouís striking game is strong, but Carmont has proved himself difficult to hit, and he has a knack for taking fights on points. The bookies, as you can see above, have this one pretty close, so we might have to look at the markets for a tempting bet, but this is definitely a fight weíll be watching...

As is a key 155-division face-off between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Pat Healy. Nurmagomedov is a rising talent out of Russia, and heíll be looking to position himself to rise through the division, where Healy has a point to prove after his first UFC win was taken away from him on the back of a failed drugs test. That hasnít affected his ranking in the division (possibly because it was Marijuana that he tested positive for...), and heíll stay a top 10 fighter at 155 unless Nurmagomedov can beat him on the 22nd. Healy is a stretch more experienced, and will look to grind out a win by containing Nurmagomedov, but the bookies have the young Russian at $1.42 and Healy at $2.73...

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