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MMA: UFC 166: 19th October, Velasquez v Dos Santos Odds and Betting

Posted on 27/09 by R Van Mesman

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Odds and Betting tips: UFC 166: 19th October, Velasquez v Dos Santos Fight
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UFC-MMA Saturday October 19th 2013: The odds and our tips

Velasquez v Dos Santos head to head odds
Fighter Odds
Velasquez $1.41 Bet Now
Dos Santos $2.76 Bet Now

The story of Velasquez vs Dos Santos goes to a third round at UFC 166 on October 19th, and we’ll be watching (we won’t be alone, either – this is one that the whole world of the UFC is looking forward to!). Their first bout lasted just a little over a minute, and ended with Velasquez down, his unbeaten run ended, and Junior Dos Santos celebrating. But the second time they met, Dos Santos was on the end of five full rounds of punishment that must have felt pretty good to Velasquez as he settled the score with a decision result that rightly went in his favour. So what does the trilogy fight have in store?

We’re expecting a fight that lives up to all the billing it’s going to get between now and October 19th, and rightly so: these two are at the top of their division and we’re expecting to see them at the top of their game, as well. They’ve both proved in their two previous fights that they’ve got what it takes: Dos Santos has shown that his striking game is justly feared, but Velasquez showed in the second fight that he could dominate him. The odds you see above are probably in favour of Velasquez because he’ll be carrying the momentum from their last meeting, but in that fight, Dos Santos showed that he could take plenty of punishment and still keep coming.

We’re not sure which way this one will go, but we’re sure that we’ll be watching. We’ll be looking to put a bet on it, too, but we’ll likely be waiting to see what markets are on offer at Sportsbet closer to the fight...

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