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MMA: UFC 163: MacDonald v Ellenberger, Lawler v Voelker, Best Odds 28th July 2013

Posted on 24/07 by R Van Mesman

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Odds and Betting tips: UFC 163, MacDonald v Ellenberger, Lawler v Voelker, 28th July 2013
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UFC-MMA Sunday July 28th 2013: The odds and our tips

Rory MacDonald v Jake Ellenberger head to head odds
Fighter Odds
Rory MacDonald $1.38 Bet Now
Jake Ellenberger $2.89 Bet Now

Rory MacDonald is a young man on the rise in the UFC, and he’s got some good momentum behind him going into his fight with Jake Ellenberger, coming off the back of four wins on the trot. And he’s what lots of pundits are calling the future of the UFC: young, well-drilled fighters without any real holes in their technique. But he’s coming up against a pretty seasoned opponent in Ellenberger, and it will be a stern test. The odds above show MacDonald as a favourite at $1.38, but look out for Ellenberger’s strong counter-punching, as there’s a feeling that it could upset MacDonald’s rhythm, and leave him open. If you fancy a bet on Ellenberger to finish it by KO at $4.90, we might join you...

Robbie Lawler v Bobby Voelker head to head odds
Fighter Odds
Robbie Lawler $1.31 Bet Now
Bobby Voelker $3.26 Bet Now

This could easily be a great fight to watch – a genuine slug-fest could break out from the very start, especially if Lawler can draw Voelker into the sort of stand-up exchange that he loves. The reason it could be fireworks early on is that Voelker isn’t afraid to mix it up off the mat, either, and has plenty of firepower of his own to bring the bout his way. Lawler is the more seasoned UFC fighter by far, though, and that’s reflected in his odds of $1.31. We’ve seen enough of ‘Ruthless’ to know he really only needs half an opening to knock an opponent out, and if it does turn out to be a great-to-watch brawl, then it’ll likely go the way of Lawler...

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