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MMA: UFC - A Look Ahead to Silva v Weidman, 7th July 2013

Posted on 18/06 by G Waldorf

MMA: UFC - A Look Ahead to Silva v Weidman, 7th July 2013
Anderson Silva UFC Champion odds

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Odds and Betting tips: UFC Anderson Silva v Chris Weidman
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UFC-MMA : Sunday 7th July, The Odds and Our Tips

Anderson Silva v Chris Weidman head to head odds
Fighter Odds
Anderson Silva $1.33 Bet Now
Chris Weidman $3.14 Bet Now

Anderson Silva might feel like he’s had his name taken in vain this month, with Conor McGregor predicting that his own career with eclipse the Brazilian legend’s. McGregor’s forgetting, of course that Silva is far from done just yet. He might be 38, but no-one would begrudge him the right to bring his glittering career to an end in a manner of his own choosing. And this is a serious fight looming for Silva. It’s been a long time since the champion was seriously challenged for his title, and the odds, as you can see above, look to be strongly in his favour again, but there are many UFC fans and pundits predicting a much tougher ride at the hands of Chris Weidman. We’ll revisit the odds as the fight gets closer, but you might just want to have a little glance at them at this early stage – we know we did…

Weidman, when rumours that Silva was injured started to leak out of Brazil last week, had a hard time keeping his cool. This is a fight that the American is itching to bring on – he thinks he has a real chance. We’re not sure we share his confidence, and neither do the bookies, this far out from the fight. At $1.70,the bookies’ pick is for Silva to win it by KO, and they’re offering $3.46 for the fight to finish in the first round – you’ll get $1.22 if the bout doesn’t go the full distance, $3.75 if it does. We were quite interested to see Weidman’s markets for method of victory, if he does win it: $6.50 by KO, $7.10 on points, and $8.30 by submission. They tell a story, and we don’t think it’s one Weidman fans – or the man himself – will enjoy reading…

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