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MMA: UFC Fight Night: 16th January, Tavares v Larkin Odds and Betting

Posted on 13/01 by R Van Mesman

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Odds and Betting tips: UFC Fight Night 16th January, Tavares v Larkin Fight
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UFC-MMA Thursday 16th January 2014: The odds and our tips

Tavares v Larkin head to head odds
Fighter Odds
Tavares $2.63 Bet Now
Larkin $1.45 Bet Now

This is a close one to call. Both of these guys are really tough, and have been involved in some serious scraps. They both boast well-rounded games, and both will be very difficult to beat. Larkin, though, will likely be the bigger guy in the fight, and able to use that physicality to impose himself on Tavares, which could make a difference. Both of these two are fighters who can finish bouts with their striking, but it can be the way that when both guys are really strong in one area, it comes down to something else to separate them. Tavares and Larkin are both really strong with their hands, but they are both difficult guys to knock out, too, and so this might be a fight that will go the whole distance.

And that’s where a fighter’s cardio comes in. We’ll often see the gap between two fighters open up as the fight goes on: it’s really hard to exaggerate just how exhausting it is to be in there. But – would you believe it? – these two guys both have really good cardio, and there’s every chance they can take it to the final bell. This one might be too close to call outright, but have a look at the markets on offer at Sportsbet if you’re looking to put some money on this one...

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