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MMA: UFC168: 29th December, Rousey v Tate Odds and Betting

Posted on 20/12 by R Van Mesman

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Odds and Betting tips: UFC168: 29th December, Rousey v Tate Fight
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UFC-MMA Sunday 29th December 2013: The odds and our tips

Rousey v Tate head to head odds
Fighter Odds
Rousey $1.08 Bet Now
Tate $6.50 Bet Now

Ronda Rousey generates her fair share of controversy. More than her fair share, you’d say. She’s not the only UFC fighter who likes to run their mouth in preparation for a fight – it’s all part of the process for some great competitors. And if it gives them an edge, then they won’t be stopping any time soon. What’s a little confusing is why the trash-talk should be more or less controversial when it comes from the top female athlete in the UFC. And it’s only fair to remember that Rousey is exactly that: she’s the woman who has made the female half of the UFC into mainstream box-office, and she is rightly headlining the card when she takes on Miesha Tate at UFC168 on December 29th.

We’re going to come back and look at this fight in more detail between now and the 29th, but now is an excellent opportunity to highlight exactly why Ronda Rousey is a genuine UFC superstar – and not least because she has given the female half of the franchise an excellent and very marketable champion. It’s difficult to overstate Rousey’s impact on the UFC – she’s one of Time Magazine’s 30 People Under 30 Changing The World, largely because of her contribution to the sport. But it’s not just because she photogenic (though you’d have to say she is...): she has delivered the goods inside the Octagon, and she’s a worthy champion. Watch out for our breakdown of the fight next week, but we’ll leave you with a reminder that Rousey is the $1.08 favourite, and for good reason...

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